I promise to laugh
In this
Evil factory

This captivating poem is the inspiration for a Tom Sundro Lewis photograph that will join our collection for the Inspired Art Show.

Below is a statement from the artist:

“Photography has been a deep passion of mine since I was just a kid. I’ve always had this knack for seeing the beauty in things. And I’ve always had a deep desire to share what I’ve seen with others. Being quite captivated by people, places, and the light that shines on us all. And when time is frozen in a photograph, intrigued by how that image can show us something entirely new. Sometimes even extraordinary.

In the images I create, I strive to reveal the essence, along with the beauty of the form, that is sometimes overlooked in the actual moment itself.

I seek what’s below the surface in all things, all forms, and I try to capture that essence in an image. I work with my clients to create vibrant, expressive, and real images of my subject – be it person, place or thing. I strive to work in an authentic and open way to define each moment in it clearest light.”

Please visit http://sundrosights.com/ for a little taste of Tom Sundro Lewis’s work…it is truly remarkable.