We are proud to announce artist Laura Brent who will be creating two pieces from the poems “Untitled” by Cintia Q., and “Red Brick” by Irving L.

Below is a statement from the artist:

“As an artist, I am a witness to this community.  My art is a visual record of what I see, abstracted to include emotions, show relationships, and reference the past and future.  I am an integral part of the community, as mother, student, friend, teacher, wife, and sister.  Each of these roles allows me the opportunity of different perspectives, enriching my observations.  As a woman and nurturer, I try to give my viewers something new with my pieces, a story, a question, a wonder, or a laugh.

With my artwork, and gallery directing, I am motivated to find the good questions, to form work and exhibits into a cohesive cultural criticism, that will spur the audience to question what they know, and think they know.  I do not need to be the expert, but instead, only a catalyst to a conversation, between individuals or within one’s self.”

We are so excited to have Laura be a part of this project.  To find out more about her and her artwork, please visit: http://www.laurabrent.com/Site/Valhall_Arts.html