Lee Lee, a native Coloradan artist, received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design.  She then went on to study printmaking at the Art Students League of Denver, Honolulu Academy of the Arts, and the Instituto Allende, Mexico.  We are excited that her talents will be included in Denver’s first Inspired Art Project as she creates a piece using the poem “Red Brick” by Irving L.

“My paintings grow from direct international experiences in over 40 countries. I do not believe in the emergence of a singular global culture, to do so would be arrogant and blind. I do believe that we have the capacity to understand those who are very different from ourselves, and that this is a necessary undertaking as the world becomes more accessible on a global level.

The foundations of my work are built to reflect the day to day labors of people, while exploring the rituals they perform to give meaning to their lives. They are not lofty reflections of an idealized world, rather manifestations of an often gritty reality. I maintain a strong figurative tradition because I’ve learned that we are better able to grasp situations that are foreign to us simply by recognizing the human form. The abstract elements of painting allow for gestural expressions which expand our ability to understand subjects on an emotional level.”

To learn more about this incredible artist please visit her website at www.lee-lee.com.