“How it is to be a Floor” by Billy C. has been chosen by Elizabeth Morisette as the subject for her multi-media piece.

Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette is a 1994 graduate of North Carolina State University School of Design. In the years since graduation she has had many shows and honors. In 1996 she was a finalist in the North Carolina Artist exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art. She also received an Emerging artist grant from the Central Piedmont Arts council, that same year. She has had many solo shows with the series “Re/Collections: Collections of a Lifetime Found on ebay” including exhibits at the Abington Arts center in Pensylvania, the Penninsula Fine Arts center in Virginia, and The Delaware Center for Contemporary Art in Wilmington, Delaware.

Morisette’s work focuses on everyday objects, collections even. The “Re/Collections” series of work includes materials found online from collectors throughout the world. Utilizing items gathered throughout lifetimes, these pieces are whimsical in nature including objects such as jar lids, curlers, and combs. This series is highly tactile and has many layers of stories and meaning.

Recently, Elizabeth Morisette recieved a Masters Degree in Community Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art. During the program she was the Artist in Residence at the Jewish Community Center where she worked on several fiber based Community projects. Now that she is done with her studies, Morisette hopes continue to work with the community through intergenerational fiber arts projects.

To learn more about this incredible artist, please visit her blog at http://elmorisette.blogspot.com/.