With a recent art opening for his show “Facebook” at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, we are proud that artist William Stoehr has joined us in creating a piece inspired by the poem “My Heart” by Destiny D.

At 55 years old, William Stoehr quit his job as the president for National Geographic Society’s worldwide mapping operations so that he could pursue his love to paint.  In describing his technique he says:

“You might call my style inner directed figurative. The best way for me to provoke an emotional response is to paint a person.  I strive for imagery that creates tension and exudes raw emotion.  

My intentions almost always give way to discovery.  Once I figured this out, I stopped trying to force meaning and simply accept and select things as they happened – both in style and interpretation and while I may hold a particular intellectual position, I hope that I don’t dictate meaning but rather open a channel to each viewer – to be a catalyst, for them to interpret, discover and respond in their own personal way.”

To learn more about William, or to view some art from his recent opening, please visit www.stoehr.us.