Tulips so very bright in sunlight.        
Sitting in the dirt all winter.                                 
Spring wakes up a tulip.                                     
The tulip’s points are bendy like an eraser.
The stem is long like my hair.
In spring the tulip’s shaped like
the mountain at sunset.
The leaves are as green as Jenna’s shirt.
In the spring tulips are the best.

The above poem written by Adriana M. will be the inspiration for Jennifer Skalecke’s painting for the upcoming Inspired Art Project.

Here is a little more information about Jennifer:

“Born and raised in Colorado, to a family of artists, scholars, and farmers, I have been in close contact with art, farming and nature my entire life.  Nature is my passion, showing the emotion in nature through art is my goal.

I began drawing at a very early age.  The earliest drawing I remember is of a giraffe, I was about four years old when I created him.  I was taught some tricks of the trade by family members but feel that I am mainly self taught.  I began painting in acrylics in 2002 and liked the feeling and ease with which I could express myself.  Red Fox was my first true painting, the result fanned my passion for creating more art and experimenting in new techniques.  I still enjoy drawing and the effects I am able to achieve but have found
painting is very liberating.  I tend to go through cycles of wanting to create with paint or by drawing, sometimes even both.  I choose my subjects by the emotions they invoke in me; happiness, loneliness, yearning, etc… and strive to record those emotions in my art.

To view some of Jennifer’s work, please visit her website at www.jennifer-d-art.com.