As the Inspired Art Show gets closer, artwork has begun to slowly arrive at our office.  Below is a piece entitled “Bail Bonds” by Lee Lee inspired by the poem “Red Brick” by Irving L.  This picture does not do the piece justice, so be sure to click on the link on the left hand side of the page to buy tickets!  You don’t want to miss this incredible artwork!

I am a house                           
red cement is coming         
I’m trying to be strong
but I am too weak
I am sorry
My owners say
you’re too weak we don’t
want you no more
I am alone
I am deserted
I have trash all
over me
So I am going to sleep
Someday I will awaken

When asked how she was inspired by this poem, Lee Lee said,

“This poem gave me a very human feeling in regards to the structure of the old house.  I got a similar feeling along the row of old Victorian houses which are now used as bail bond offices across from the county jailhouse.  Like the old house in disrepair, there are too many people in the same condition.  Given the opportunity – and a lot of work – perhaps they can awaken again someday as well.”