“Happy is blue like the blue and peaceful sky…” 

This intriguing first line of the poem “BLUE” by Krystal C. is what the talented Albert Barcilon has chosen to create what I’m sure will be a fantastic piece.

Taking art classes in Paris and London, Albert Barcilon began his art career in the 1950s. He continued to paint while at Harvard University, where he earned a PhD in Applied Physics. Once teaching as a science professor at Florida State University, Albert Barcilon honed his painting and drawing skills by taking art classes taught by Florida State University staff and other leading American watercolorists and oil painters.

“In painting, as in life, you must take risks in order to achieve. My challenge is to enjoy the process without obsessing about the finished painting, I experiment with various supports such as canvas, paper, and silk and paint in either oil or acrylic. Using a variety of techniques, such as image transfers and superposition, I deliberately set my canvas in a state of chaos. Then I welcome the random hand that is dealt. To resolve the chaos I toggle between successive stages of disorder and order, simplifying and unifying my work to arrive at a strong composition with bold colors.

The final painting is more an interpretation of what I feel than what I see.”

To view some of his amazing work, please visit http://www.albertbarcilon.com/index.html