As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Katarina Bailot and picking up two wonderful photographs that will be included in the Inspired Art Show.  Below are images of the two photographs.  The first piece is entitled “Cave Formation” and was inspired by the poem “The Soul” by Ashley E.  The second piece is entitled “Fall to Infinity” and was inspired by the poem “My Wish for Me” by Natalina R.  Enjoy!

The heart. The peace.
The liberty. The brain.
The body just for me.
My soul will tell me what to do.
You can do the same for you.
The fights, the cries.
Just hurt my mind.
Fight for justice, liberty, peace.
We will always find a way to keep you safe.
That’s the name.

Ashley E.

My wish for me is I was pretty the way I see me inside
I would love me ‘cause I know I can hold on and I will never let go unless I fall!
But I still know if I fall, somebody will still love me!
And I’ll love them back and they know that’s why they loved me when I fall!

Natalina R.