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Now, on to more exciting news.  We have received another beautiful piece of art by Marilyn Leuszler who used Xiomara’s “Red” to create this painting using brush calligraphy.

After studying traditional arts in Japan for ten years Marilyn Leuszler now combines East and West in her work.  While using tools, materials, and techniques learned in Japan, her subject matter is most often made up of plants, animals, and scenes observed near her southern Colorado home or during her travels.  In Japan, her work was shown in the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, several Ginza galleries, and in numerous shows.  Her award-winning paintings are now shown in galleries in the U.S., and can be found in corporate and private collections around the world.  Leuszler’s work has been described as being “holistic in nature” as she often completes a painting using handmade ink, paper, brush, ink stone, and stamped with a hand-carved traditional ink stamp.  As in traditional Japanese style, her subject is clear, with careful and generous use of space and balance.

When asked why she chose “Red” as her inspiration, Marilyn says “her subject lends itself very nicely to my style. I used a bright red ink and controlled my brush to duplicate the beating of the heart. Her lines,

“Covered with red blood
A tambourine inside me
Going front, back, front , back”

inspired me.  If you would like to know more about this talented artist please email her at lmleuszler@aol.com.