Iko Prochal, born and raised in Japan, has joined the Inspired Art Project and will be painting “The Sky” drawing inspiration from the poem written by the Newlon Boys and Girls teams.

Here is a brief summary of her artistic journey:

“In 1968 I came to America, and my new journey, personally and artistically, began. Living in New York and then California exposed me to different styles of painting, and throughout the years my artistic interests and activities flourished. I experimented with color and shading and as time passed, I developed my own voice, my own vision through my art.

I settled in Denver, Colorado in 1982, raised a family, and continued exploring new ways to express myself artistically. I received training at the Colorado Art Institute and used this new found knowledge to branch out and try new forms of painting, from acrylic and oil, to pastel and back again to watercolors. Since my time in Colorado I have painted professionally and won a few art contests, and I enjoy participating in community art shows.

Whether I am painting for someone professionally, for my grandchildren, or for myself, I am at peace when painting. I have painted landscapes, wildlife, seascapes, figure studies, and murals. Each type of painting is rewarding, in the process of creating it, as well as the satisfaction of completing it.”

To read more about Iko please visit her website at http://www.colorado-gallery.com/iko/album/gallery.html.