Abstract artist, Cynthia Ligeros, has joined our talented group of local artists and will be using Giovanna M.’s poem “My Soul Is…” to create an oil painting.

A little introduction:

“My abstract art incorporates impressionistic elements that reveal an inner landscape to the viewer, an image at once familiar and transcendent.  Abstract forms can have a powerful organic and spiritual presence.  I seek to explore our place in a world that we have created, yet which also creates us.

An avid hiker and ghost town explorer, I spend a great deal of my time immersed in the powerful landscapes of the Rocky Mountains.  I draw my inspiration not only from the places I go, but from how I feel in the moment I’m there.  As I paint, I explore the landscape around us, and how it connects to our lives.  Each of my paintings, in a way, is an autobiography of one moment in my life.

I studied under noted Colorado artist Clark Richert at the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design.  Since then, my art has appeared in venues across Colorado, the western United States and Canada.”

To view some of Cyhtina’s incredible paintings please visit her website at http://www.cynthialigeros.com/index.html.