Today is a special day because it is the day of our Artist Reception!  All participating artists are invited to our office this afternoon from 4-6 to see all of the fantastic pieces that have been submitted, and also meet other local artists.  Email Kristine at for more info.

Another beautiful piece has been submitted by Diana Salazar.  The piece is entitled “Sabrina’s Tree” inspired by the poem “Tree” by Sabrina O.  I invite you to click on the art tab to see all of the submitted artwork thus far.

The tree’s branches are like arms. The leaves on a tree are like hair. The roots on a tree are like the Heart and it has to stay there forever. The roots are also like bones. The wood is like skin.                                     

I am a tree. My arms are like branches  
I am a tree. My hair is like leaves.
I am a tree. My hair is like roots.
They have to stay there forever.
I am a tree. My skin is like the wood.
The roots are also like my bones.