The talented Carrie Evans has recreated the poem “Red Brick” by Irving L. through a stunning watercolor and pastel piece.  In describing her work she says: 

“I have always kept a visual journal of my travels. One good drawing session will recall more memories about a place than I could have written 6 pages about. As an artist, when you sit still with a scene and practice intense observation for a period of time, it is as though something from the place flows into you and leaves a visceral experience. I can remember the air, the light, the texture, sometimes even the smell of a scene after absorbing it through observation. To find my site of inspiration, I seek an interesting form or profile that might serve as the focal point of observation. It is meditative. The drawing or painting is a poor replica of Earth’s delicate nuances. However, an artist’s job is to translate that image into another creation and at some point, after a delicious observation session, I take my visual inspiration and begin to employ the tools of the trade to create art: color, contrast, composition….”

Below is Carrie’s visual interpretaion of “Red Brick”.  Enjoy!

I am a house
red cement is coming off
I’m trying to be strong
but I am too weak
I am sorry
My owners say
you’re too weak we don’t
want you no more
I am alone
I am deserted
I have trash all
over me
So I am going to sleep
Someday I will awaken