Today is an exciting day for two of the poet-athletes in America SCORES Denver.  Daeja R. and Javier L. will both be performing in the National Poetry Slam in New York City.  Two of Daeja’s poem’s will be featured in the Inspired Art Show, one of them being “Candle”.  Mardie Dalzell Driftmier used this poem as inspiration for her pastel seen below.

Without you candle the world would be dark.
I need your fire, I need your spark.
You’re on my birthday cake to remind me how old I am.
Sometimes you smell like chocolate, sometimes you smell like jam.
You’re there when the power goes out,
so the peope don’t have to cry and pout.
You’re there to sent the air, by the window forever your glare.
People don’t have to worry because you, candle, are always there!