Only 4 days till the opening of Denver’s first Inspired Art Show! Tomorrow is the last day to buy tickets online. CLICK HERE to get yours today.

The piece we would like to share today is by Kathleen Gatliffe.  Her piece uses enamel with patina on copper to create a stunning scene for the poem “The Moon” by Victor G.

I’m the moon, white and round.
I’m the moon, the one who looks over wolves.
I’m their mother and they’re my sons.
I’m the one who human being look at when
They’re sad and lovely.
I’m the one who covers the sun so you
Don’t have a meltdown.

I’m the sky
I’m blue and fluffy.
I’m long but I never end.
I’m the sky,
The one who keeps an eye on you.
I’m the one who keeps the land green.
And I’m also the one who keeps all
Those wonderful feathery things
That fly safe.
They’re the ones who are called my visitors.