Tracy Tomko was born in Elmira, New York and moved, with her family, up and down the East Coast throughout her childhood. She created her first oil painting at the age of six, under the guidance of her mother, who was painting landscapes at the time.  With a youth full of creative adventures inspired by novels, nature, comic books, and much encouragement by teachers and relatives it’s no wonder Tracy decided to become a professional artist.

Tomko attended the Art Institute of Colorado for Industrial Design, and has spent the past few years working as a Sculptor and Master Maker for companies such as Warner Bros., Porch Light Entertainment, Friends With You, McDonald’s, Nike, Hollister, Guess, and many more.  In her personal work, she places imagery from memories or dreams in a world where music and thought mutate the living into a new dance, or a new vibrancy in the present.   Having been influenced by books about scientific experiments that seem to prove that plants are sentient beings, they play some of Tracy’s main characters.  Tomko is interested in the profound nature of the symbiotic relationships of different species and expresses these connections in her work.

When asked why she chose to contribute to the Inspired Art Project Tracy responded:

“I wanted to be involved in the Inspired Art Project to work alongside other young, creative minds that will be crucial in forming a beautiful future.   The poetry of the young writers involved in this project is a great springboard for my own imagination.  I can’t wait to see the way the imagery from the poem I chose will unfold in my painting. “

To view some of Tracy’s work visit her website at