Barth Quenzer, a Denver-based artist, is on an ambitious quest to evolve our visual language. He does so by drawing ideas from science, mathematics, literature, and art history. Combining these influences, Barth Quenzer finds abstract connections and represents them in the form of paintings, drawings, and collage. Some of his art is small enough to fit inside a book. The other works are of massive scale, reaching 20 feet by 20 feet.

Quenzer's donated piece from Inspired Art 2010

He currently works and shows at the Guerilla Garden, one of Denver’s underground gems, where he collaborates with artists from various disciplines.

Aside from being a professional artist, Barth Quenzer is also a visual arts teacher in Denver Public Schools. He develops a curriculum that requires students to exercise critical thinking and find creative solutions to conceptual issues. Barth Quenzer asks his students, Where do artists get their ideas? How can we communicate our ideas to others?

During a workshop program, students can build their own journaling book and learn how to record their thoughts using artistic media. During an artist-in-residence program students can find ways to beautify their schools’ hallways through color mosaics or tackle graffiti problems on their playground by painting large student murals. Barth Quenzer seeks to empower students and their community through the creative process.

This year poems #12 and #17 will be the bases for Quenzer’s Inspired Art pieces.

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