Quote from Megan E. Evans regarding Inspired Art Project:

“I remember being a young person writing poetry, creating artworks, trying to start out in the world as a person, figuring out my talents. What we did as youth: it was important stuff. It still is!

Fostering new beginnings, encouraging artistic talent, giving hope, inspiring new ideas… what a better way to encourage a young person. And what a better way to involve adults in creating as well. I’m so excited about this project, and have loved having the inspiration for a new art piece.

I don’t know Jorge, the author of my selected poem (#33: “Writing”), but this young eight-year-old has certainly brought out some life in his words, and even in his poem’s simplicity, it has brought out a renewed color vibrance in my work.”

View more of Megan’s work on her website at www.evermeg.com.