1:  Window

A window is like a person opening their mouth as wide as they can.
It’s also letting light inside like letting food inside your mouth.
It’s like a person taking a deep breath.
A window is like a person staring at you.
Windows protect you from wind like clothes from dirt.
And it’s something you could walk through like you can look through water.

By Jonathan T., Age 11
Newlon Elementary

2.  Self-Portrait

My hair is like a lawn mower.
I have ears like an elephant.
I’m short like a radio.
My nose is like a volcano about to erupt.
My eyes are brown like a brown bear.
I’m cool as an ice cube in the freezer every year.
My name is a secret like a raccoon in the night.

By Gabriel R., Age 10
Newlon Elementary

3.  The Sky

The clouds look like they are dancing.      
The sky is changing clothes.                                      
The moon is drawing pictures.                                   
The clouds rotate like the world rotates.
When it rains the clouds are crying.
When there’s a storm the sky is mad.
The wind is the sky breathing.

By The Newlon Boys & Girls Teams

4.  My Heart

My heart is as big as a moon on a winter night.       
It’s as red as a dark red door.                                                  
Who can open it?                                                                    
Everyone can.                                                                         
When people come in, come out.                                             
Just open the big door to get out.

By Destiny D., Age 11
Newlon Elementary

5.  My Soul Is…

My soul is a heart filled                                    
with sadness with no love that is going to enter.              
My soul is something                                                        
that flies at night                                                              
If you spot it
It will spot you.
My soul is a cat running away for her life from the dogs.
My soul is a girl sitting on a chair
I am an empty chair.
My soul is a dog sitting on a rock like a boy running around.

By Giovanna M., Age 10
Eagleton Elementary

6. Red Brick

I am a house                            
red cement is coming                                 
I’m trying to be strong
but I am too weak
I am sorry
My owners say
you’re too weak we don’t
want you no more
I am alone
I am deserted
I have trash all
over me
So I am going to sleep
Someday I will awaken

by Irving L., Age 11
Munroe Elementary

7. Tree

The tree’s branches are like arms. The leaves on a     
tree are like hair. The roots on a tree are like the                        
Heart and it has to stay there forever. The roots                          
Are also like bones. The wood is like skin.                                    

I am a tree. My arms are like branches  
I am a tree. My hair is like leaves.
I am a tree. My hair is like roots.
They have to stay there forever.
I am a tree. My skin is like the wood.
The roots are also like my bones.

By Sabrina O., Age 11
Newlon Elementary

8. The Moon

I’m the moon, white and round.
I’m the moon, the one who looks over wolves.
I’m their mother and they’re my sons.
I’m the one who human being look at when
They’re sad and lovely.
I’m the one who covers the sun so you
Don’t have a meltdown.

I’m the sky
I’m blue and fluffy.
I’m long but I never end.
I’m the sky,
The one who keeps an eye on you.
I’m the one who keeps the land green.
And I’m also the one who keeps all
Those wonderful feathery things
That fly safe.
They’re the ones who are called my visitors.

By Victor G., Age 11
Newlon Elementary

9. Colorado River

Shhh Shhh Shhh                             
I’m smashing into rocks                                    
Galloping through the mountains                       
Like a mustang.
Tiny fish are inside me.
Now I’m roaring like a lion.
I am laughing and laughing because
There is a canoe on top of me
And I can’t stop giggling.
I stop whenever fishermen put their
Hooks inside of me.
There are cliffs on both sides
And they are my friends.
Now I hear beautiful music like
A flute, but no, it is a robin.
Wind and storms give me more power.
When I have more power
I am a rapid like a bull
Chasing a guy in red!
Oh no, a water fall!
Shhh shhh shhh

By Fidel L.
Eagleton Elementary

10. Untitled                          

I promise to laugh                
In this
Evil factory

By Cintia Q., Age 9
Knapp Elementary

11. Red

Red Is like my heart
Covered with red blood
A tambourine inside me
Going front, back, front , back
A rose in my nose
Smelling like strawberries in my mouth

By Xiomara H, Age 8
Knapp Elementary

12.  No longer available


13. How It Is To Be A Floor

I’m the floor of a house. Every time someone steps on me I laugh. But the people can’t hear me. Whenever they step on my belly I laugh hard. Sometimes when they step on my eye I get some dirt in it. But I love when they step on my back. When people step on my mouth I want to swallow them but I don’t.

By Billy C.

14. Untitled

We are searching for answers
because life is like one big question
that gives you clues
that you have to answer.

By Jenhai D.
Smedley Elementary

15. September 11

I remember the people were
jumping off the building.
I remember the twin towers burning in flames.
I remember the people screaming for help.
I remember the airplane crashing into the pentagon.
I remember people crying for their loved ones.
I remember people sacrificing themselves for other people.
I remember my teacher was in shock.

By Francisco R.
Valdez Elementary

16. BLUE

Happy is blue like the blue and peaceful sky    
And also like the gentle talk of my friend.                          
It walks s-l-o-w-l-y through my room.                               
It reminds me of the time me and my friend walked         
Through the meadow
The flowers bending while
The wind goes blowing through our hair.
It makes me feel like soaring through the sky.
It makes me want to cry and cry.

By Krystal C.,
Valdez Elementary

17. Early Spring

At the edge of the woods the dogwoods are blooming like white surf tumbling from a light green sea.

By Jailene O., Age 10
Cheltenham Elementary

18. The River

I’m the river long and wet
I don’t have time to stop or rest, I’m busy all day
I’m faster, faster everyday
I feel sad and lonely at night with no people or ducks around
Every morning with ducks on top of me and people on bikes on top of my bridge
I’m the thing, I’m the person that separates the land.
I’m the river, the South Platte River

By Brayan P., Age 10
Valdez Elementary

19. Welcome to My World

What would it be like           
without seeing the ocean?                    

What would it be like
without hearing the rain?

What would it be like
without feeling the grass?

What would it be like
without smelling all the

By Alan C., Age 10
Cheltenham Elementary

20. Poetry

Poetry is like a drop
Of rain falling from the sky
Each raindrop has a poem
Try to look for lots of
Rain poems looks like the sun came up now it is bright
Yellow now we can look for sun poems.

Poetry flying all over the place. I am trying to stop them
So I can put them in the poem.

By Cynthia M.
Eagleton Elementary

21. What if the oceans were made out of jello?

What if the oceans were made out of jello?
If the oceans were made out of jello,
When people went swimming,
They would eat the ocean jello
And it would be gone in two months.

By Lorelei H.
Edison Elementary

22. Becoming a Car

I would have a motor as a heart  
And windows as eyes.                                   
I would have to drink gas,                            
would have car parts as bones,
two wheels as feet
And two wheels as hands.
I would be fast!

By Abraham C., Age 9
Eagleton Elementary

23. Answer Me, Clock!

Clock, answer me.
I was in school
And I wondered
How does it communicate
with all other clocks
in the world?

By Jailene O.
Cheltenham Elementary

24. My Wish For Me

My wish for me is I was pretty the way I see me inside
I would love me ‘cause I know I can hold on and I will never let go unless I fall!
But I still know if I fall, somebody will still love me!
And I’ll love them back and they know that’s why they loved me when I fall!

By Natalina R.
Cheltenham Elementary

25. Outside

Air blows on my face
Bikes stand still on the racks
Cars sit waiting for their owners
Dirt sits still in the steaming sun
Everything outside is still

By Hidai O., Age 9
Knapp Elementary

26. Untitiled

The sky is shiny in the Night. In the morning it is bright. In winter her dress is white. Today she wears a long soft blue dress. When she smiles the sun shines.

By Vanessa
Valdez Elementry

27. The Song Inside of Me

Inside of me I hear music that could cheer me on when I am sad, and a song that tells me that I could do whatever I want. But my song is not the only song in the world. Sometimes I hear my aunt that past away not to long ago. She is singing to me her favorite song. I sing it to myself when I feel blue, but when I am happy I imagine her talking to me. And that’s the songs I hear.

By Daeja R., Age 9
Cowell Elementary

28. Tulips

Tulips so very bright in sunlight.        
Sitting in the dirt all winter.                                 
Spring wakes up a tulip.                                       
The tulip’s points are bendy like an eraser.
The stem is long like my hair.
In spring the tulip’s shaped like
the mountain at sunset.
The leaves are as green as Jenna’s shirt.
In the spring tulips are the best.

By Adriana M., Age 11
Newlon Elementary

29. Poetry Is…

Poetry is loving someone when you don’t know it.
Poetry is wind whistling whoo!! and hail hitting your face like a thousand little rocks.
Poetry is when I am writing and I am thinking about my family.
Poetry is rumbling, rhyming words in my head.
Poetry is ike if you were the wind and you were chasing a dog.
Poetry is a life-style I will life.
Poetry is a thing you read and your write.
Poetry is walking into a room and not knowing anyone’s name.
Poetry is 2nd graders with their homework and smiles on their faces.
Poetry is 11 girls playing soccer for the Cowell Mustangs and coming together to cheer.
Poetry is like my brother getting into my room to do a big mess.
Poetry is like having a baby sister; you don’t know what’s going to happen next!
Poetry is like my little brother banging and screaming in my room.
Poetry is a thing we do in writing.

By Cowell Elementary Girls Team

30. My Dad’s Hugs

My dad’s hug is a snake
The way he wraps his arms around me
Squeezing me tight

By Claudia G
Eagleton Elementary

31. Seasons

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall       
Seasons are like humans                               
getting old                                                     
leaving the old years
wishing you could go back
I sure want to go back

By Kenia M.

32. My Words

My words are true but sweet.
So many people take the time to hear me speak.
I may be weak, but not too weak to speak.
I say words of wisdom and say true words.

By Isamar A.

33. Goodbye

I have had too many goodbyes in my life.
Just by losing one for me is losing a million.

By Kenia M.

34.  The Almighty Zebra            

The zebras popularity has risen once again!
The once cool dogs that eat that discusting food are no longer the best.
However, zebras are impossibly cool.
They jumped right to the top like a kangaroo!
Even queens remain no better than dogs, and dogs you might recall are no where near as awesome as the zebra.
If a terrible thing should happen like some vampires injured the zebras, walruses would destroy every last one of them because even they would yowl at the loss of our beloved zebra!

By Samantha O.
Brown Elementary

35. Candle

Without you candle the world would be dark.
I need your fire, I need your spark.
You’re on my birthday cake to remind me how old I am.
Sometimes you smell like chocolate, sometimes you smell like jam.
You’re there when the power goes out,
so the peope don’t have to cry and pout.
You’re there to sent the air, by the window forever your glare.
People don’t have to worry because you, candle, are always there!

By Daeja R.
Cowell Elementary

36. Shell

Shell, you have beautiful colors      
You sound like the ocean                                 
You say words and I cannot describe them.      
Ocean words.
Your words sound so peaceful.
You poke my hand when I hold you.
Swirls on top.
Say something.
Say your words, the ocean way.
Ocean words.

By Adrianna C.
Cowell Elementary

37. Soccer Memory

Passing the ball to one another.
Scramble on the soccer field, hoping to score the winning goal.
There are 5 seconds left.

People cheering in the crowd.
Hurting muscles, sweaty body, feels like I am going to burst from the running and blazing sun.

Kick the ball down the field, down the field.
Player to player just in time to give it a boot.
2 seconds left.
Will I make the goal?
Ref blows the whistle, the ball goes in.
Yea, yea, yea! The home team wins!

By Dontae G.
Cowell Elementary

38. The Soul

The heart. The peace.           
The liberty. The brain.                             
The body just for me.
My soul will tell me what to do.
You can do the same for you.
The fights, the cries.
Just hurt my mind.
Fight for justice, liberty, peace.
We will always find a way to keep you safe.
That’s the name.

By Ashley E.
Eagleton Elementary

39. The Pencil

I’ve turned into a pencil. People at Barnum are writing with me. And it’s hurting my head. AHHHHH! No, he is erasing with my legs. Hey! Stop that! It’s hurting my legs. Please stop swinging me. Hey! Something is cutting my head. Finally, I am out. But where is my head?

By Javier L.
Barnum Elementary