1. Killer Bunnies and the Terrible Universe (no longer available for selection)

Have you heard about the universe ending?
Yes I heard that killer bunnies were taking over the whole entire universe.

I know that’s crazy because zombies created the killer bunnies.
They did?

Yes, my uncle told me about it. He said there were going to be flying sharks.
Wow, that’s crazy. Ok, bye.

One year later

Do you still remember what I told you last year?
Oh yes the killer bunnies and all that.

Yes, yes, I made it up.
You did?

Yes! I got it from a book.
No you didn’t.

By: Jose T., Age 11
Newlon Elementary

2. Untitled

When I see red, I think the color of blood.
When I see red, I think of chili.
Yellow smells like cheese.
I want to jump in a pool when I see blue.
When I see blue, I think about Cruz Azul and the L.A. Dodgers.

By: Ryes M., Age 10
Eagleton Elementary

3. Untitled

Red is the color that famous singers and dancers wear.
Yellow is the color of my Denver SCORES jersey.
Blue is the color of the sky.
Blue is the color of the rain that falls down from the sky.

By: Adrian A., Age 10
Eagleton Elementary

4. Window View

Through a window
I can see
I can see
I can see
It grows like nature
the trash flows in the air
The houses look so pretty.

By: Lexxus, Age 10
Knapp Elementary

5. Rain, rain, rain (no longer available for selection)

Rain, rain, rain
Right below the
sky like a diamond
falling from the
sky like the rainbow
grow so colorful.

By: Carolina C., Age 9,
Knapp Elementary

6. Sounds

Sounds are like
when you walk on the street
hearing the river called traffic

sounds are like the stores where people go
and by things, the bell
on the door going Ring.

Like in your room
you have an alarm clock
Oh no time to go to school.
Lets go.

By: Omar R., Age 10,
Knapp Elementary

7. Pumpkin

Pumpkins on Halloween night glow so bright.
Unstoppable goblins crouch down low.
My pumpkin pie so delicious.
Pumpkin seeds so delicious.
Know on Halloween night somthing’s going to get you.
Invisible monsters in night skys dark dark creeping
Nights so bright like the glowing moon.

By: Samantha S., Age 9,
Knapp Elementary

8. I have a wild animal in my house.

I have a wild animal in my house. He runs quickly in circles. I call him boo boo. He listens but is sometimes crazy. And can be super lazy. Although, no matter what I love him. he’s my wild dog with yellow fur. With all the love I have for him there is no cure.

Monika M., Age 10
Knapp Elementary

9. Poker Poetry

The Evil factory is laughing slow,
There’s a mouthful of bees.
Zoo monster in the store.

Ariel N., Age 8
Newlon Elementary

10.  Poker Poetry

Asking faces ask a lot.
They ask why cheese and strawberries?
Why round eggs?
Why magic hamburger flying around?
Why apples as gray as concrete?
Why, Why, Why?

Jacquelyn O., Age 9
Newlon Elementary

11. Red Heart (no longer available for selection)

Red heart in Love, hip hip hurray
Sad heart it smells like perfume
Red heart is soft it sounds like
Pom Pom Pom

By: Joann R., Age 9
Munroe Elementary

12. Blue Green Sea (no longer available for selection)

The Blue Green Sea looks like my Blue Green eyes.
The Blue Green Sea smells like fresh air.
The sea tastes like Salt water on my mouth.
I hear the waves of the sea.
The water feels cold on my arms.

Kimberly T., Age 9
Munroe Elementary

13. Untitled (no longer available for selection)

Bubble Gum
Ever lasting

By: Viviana B., Age 10
Munroe Elementary

14. Red

Red tastes like cold strawberries.
Feels as hard as a red big brick.
Red moves like a fast big red racing car.
Tastes as good as a big red shinny apple.
Red looks like a big red firetruck.
Red smells like tasty tomato sauce.

Jonathan P., Age 8
Munroe Elementary

15. Color Me

Sounds like…lady gaga music. It sounds loud and crazy.
Tastes like…Fuego taki’s
Smells like…chili
Looks like…fire
Feels like…mountain red rock
Moves like…rushing every where it goes

Makia L., Age 9
Cheltenham Elementary

16. Untitled

The wolf is fast,
Not like a puma that is furry.
Summer is hot, it makes me lose my breath
And Fall leaves fall all over me like rain.

By: Kimberly C., Age 9
Eagleton Elementary

17. Woods (no longer available for selection)

Woods, oh beautiful woods!
Oh how you inspire me.
Oh you’re outstanding to me.
Day after day the mean lumber jacks hurt you.
Soon if I’m president I’ll ban cutting you down.

By: Alex V., Age 9
Brown Elementary

18. Where I Am From

I am from a place
Where my mom waits for me
With a delicious meal
Done by her own hands
With love.

I am from a place
Where the blue sky is like me
Always feeling free
And smiling with the clouds
Like jumping in
A trampoline

By: Evelyn S., Age 11,
Eagleton Elementary

19. There is a Place

There is a place that is called Denver
And that is where I am from.
There are flowers that are beautiful
Of all colors.
There is plenty of water.
I can see the leaves going side to side
While it falls.
I hear how the raindrops
Drop like a heartbeat.

Laura M. Age 8,
Eagleton Elementary

20. I Am From

I am from the place where
fresh tacos from my mom’s kitchen
fill the air.

I am from the place where ripe
fruit grows on trees.

I am from the place where
the sound of catchy music
fills people’s heads.

I am from the place where
people fought for
their freedom.

I am from the place where
bright red flowers

I am from the place where
My dad learned
To tango.

I am from the place where
Beautiful Spanish words
Fill the air.

By: Nadia R. Age 9,
Eagleton Elementary

21. Where I am From

I am from a place
Where loving and worrying
About your grandmother is not a crime.

I am from a place
Where nature is the most
Beautiful thing you have ever seen
With palm trees swaying
And flowers blooming
And lakes glistening.

I am from a place
where being healthy
is a little hard
to do with all the cigarette smoke
in the air.

I am from a place
Where love is the most
Passionate you will see.

By: Katherine R. Age 11,
Eagleton Elementary

22. Fruit

Where I am from
A place called Mexico
Where all the delicious fruit come out
Like mango, manzanaz and naranjas.
I am like a wolf running on a
Big pile of white, cold, snow.
Mango is a very good fruit.
When I bite it
Juice of mango comes down my arm
All the way to my shirt.

By: Kimberly C. Age 9,
Eagleton Elementary

23.I Wish

I wish I could go to the top of the moon
And the stars shine on me like the sun shines on me.
I remember my Grandparents, they died.
I felt sad and I will see them in the sky one day.

By: Jaimie P. Age 8,
Newlon Elementary

24. I Wish Poem

I wish my mom didn’t leave me because I miss her.
I wish I could get my mom and dad back together.
I wish I can learn about my mom so that when I see her I know it is her.
I wish I can get all my sadness and drop it in the ocean.
I wish that my mom cared and loved me.
I wish I can know, see and love my mom, but I am not sure what to say.
I love her or I don’t?

Christian F. Age 10,
Newlon Elementary

25. I See Myself

I see myself as a baby when I cry.
I see myself as a singer when I sing.
I see myself as a chef when I cook.

I see myself as Pele when I play soccer.
I see myself as a princess when I play princess.
I see myself as an actress when I act.
I see myself with all my dreams..

I see myself.

By: Pricila S. Age 10,
Cowell Elementary

26. Seashells

Seashells, seashells, round and round.
In the sea go bow and bow.
Watch them in the sea and giggle with me.

When you take them out of the sea you can hear the ocean
Wee, wee, wee

When you hear them and laugh
You will smile and giggle iggle.

I love seashells cause they bow, mow, wow.

By: Alondra G. Age 8,
Barnum Elementary

27. Seashell (no longer available for selection)

Oh seashell you are as beautiful as the ocean
Some times you are colorfull as the rainbow.
You will never be ugly to me.

By: Nayeli M. Age 9,
Barnum Elementary

28. The Bunny

The bunny is sitting in the sun.
She is watching the birds.
She wishes she can fly with them.

By: Unknown,
Brown Elementary

29. My friend That Moved

I love my friend
Who moved away
from me. There’s
nothing more to
say. The love ends
soft as it began
I loved my
friend who moved
away. Now your
swing is missing
from the lawn.
How will I
face each empty
day without
my friend who
gave me a fun

By: Kathy Z. Age 10
Cheltenham Elementary

30. Untitled

Lean on me when you’re afraid
And I’ll be your favorite blanket.

Lean on me when you have scored
And I will be your trophy.

Lean on my when your in danger
And I will be your super hero.

Lean on me when you are weak
And I will be your power boost.

By: Unknown
Cowell Elementary

31. Untitled

When I’m homeless
I’m sad.
There’s no one on my side.
No one to play with.
No one to talk with.
No one to play video games.
There’s nothing to do.

Miguel S., Age 9
Cowell Elementary

32. Found an Object

It’s soft like a bear.
It’s heavy like a ball.
It’s orange and red.
It smells good.
It comes from a tree.
It starts from a flower.
It’s squishy like a flat ball.
It looks like a peach.

Giovahni J., Age 9
Cowell Elementary

33. Writing (no longer available for selection)

The beautiful colors of life.
The amazing colors of life.
The wild rainbow colors
The wild colors of life
The royal colors of life
The incredible colors of life

Green, red, brown, black, white, purple, blue, yellow, gold

Jorge M., Age 8
Cowell Elementary

34. Green/Verde (no longer available for selection)

Green is the grass
Verde es el zacate

Green are the plants
Verde son las plantas

When you go outside
you see green all around
Cuando vas para afuera
ves mucho verde

Green are the frogs
Verde son las ranas

By: Evelyn S., Age 10
Eagleton Elementary