1. Untitled        (no longer available for selection)

Through the sky I hear water coming down.
I hear the wind going through trees, whoosh.
I hear the birds in the sky.
I hear the cars passing by fast.
I hear people talking and laughing.
Making jokes
I see leaves in the trees I think what beautiful trees.
I see plants like roses.
I see the red and yellow sun coming.
I feel soft leaves and carved trees.
What beautiful carved trees I smell.
I smell fresh grass in the floor.

By: Nayeli M. Age 10
Barnum Elementary

2. My Community

Through my glasses I could see the birds flying to the trees, I can also see my friends sitting on the ground and laughing all together. While sitting on the ground I can feel the grass making my hand itch a lot. I can hear the wind while also hearing the cars passing through the street. I can hear baby birds crying for their mother. I can smell the fresh grass on blowing wind when I am having fun outside with all of my friends.

By: Ashley M. Age 10
Barnum Elementary

3. I Am From            (no longer available for selection)

I am from the place where
fresh tacos from my mom’s kitchen
fill the air.

I am from the place where ripe
fruit grows on trees.

I am from the place where
the sound of catchy music
fills people’s heads.

I am from the place where
people fought for
their freedom.

I am from the place where
bright red flowers

I am from the place where
My dad learned
To tango.

I am from the place where
Beautiful Spanish words
Fill the air.

By: Nadia R. Age 9
Eagleton Elementary

4. We Need to Beautify Denver      (no longer available for selection)

efining the beauty of Denver
diting the wonderfulness
o more graffiti will be left.
rity of colors in the Mile High City
njoy the amazing place!
eady for the fun you will have?

By: Larry S. Age 11
Brown International Academy

5. FLOWERS        (no longer available for selection)

ast forever
pens in the spring
ncouraging to us
upports the Earth

By: Angelina S. Age 10
Brown International Academy

6. My Friendship with You

My friendship with you
Is wonderful like miracles
Blah blah blah blah
We talk like parrots
In a world of wonder,
We play dress up
Like little kids all those
Are still in my heart
I will never forget you,
Your kindness and love
My friendship with you is the best

By: Yanile G. Age 11
Gust Elementary


Rainbow, Rainbow
What are the colors of a rainbow?
Red like a lady bug!
Orange like an orange!
Yelow like a sun flower!
Blue like an ocean!
Purple like a dolphin!
These are the colors of a rainbow!

By: Naarai N. Age 10
Gust Elementary

8. Community

In our community I can hear my family talking about their day.
In our community I can smell the beautiful flowers.
In our community I can taste the delicious hot dogs in my mouth.
In our community I can see the birds chirping.
In our community I can feel all of the hugs my mom gives me.

By: Ayla P. Age 9
Munroe Elementary

9. Where I Am From

I am from a place
Where my mom waits for me
With a delicious meal
Done by her own hands
With love.

I am from a place
Where the blue sky is like me
Always feeling free
And smiling with the clouds
Like jumping in
A trampoline

By: Evelyn S., Age 11
Eagleton Elementary

10. Red                   (no longer available for selection)

Red tastes like cold strawberries.
Feels as hard as a red big brick.
Red moves like a fast big red racing car.
Tastes as good as a big red shiny apple.
Red looks like a big red fire truck.
Red smells like tasty tomato sauce.

Jonathan P.  Age 8
Munroe Elementary

11. Community

I can hear birds go chirp chirp chirp chirp.
I can see dogs running in their back yard.
I can taste the pies from the restaurant across the street.
I can smell flowers.
I can feel the grass on my feet.

By: Elise S. Age 9
Munroe Elementary

12. My Senses      (no longer available for selection)

In my community I see trees, flowers, and grass all around me.
In my community I feel confident without bullies teasing me.
In my community I smell fresh paint from a mural that has just been painted.
In my community I hear birds chirping and annoying me because they woke me up early in the morning.
In my community I use my senses all the time.

By: Kathy R. Age 9
Eagleton Elementary

13. Untitled

When I come home I smell the wonderful essence of meat cooking on the grill.
I feel the prickly wet grass after the sprinklers turn off.
I taste the sweet soft empanadas de queso my dad brings home from the dulceria.
I see the old small houses in my neighborhood.
I wake up to the loud train horns in the middle of the night.

By: Nadia R. Age 9
Eagleton Elementary

14. Where I am from

I am from a world where we all love eachother.
We love our moms, our dads, our sisters and our brothers.
Where I’m from we love Chihuahuas and they are so cute.
Where I’m from we like dark red on walls and light green on grass.
I broke one rule where I’m from we are supposed to eat enchiladas, but I love pepperoni pizza with melted cheese
I am hungry now.

By: Aylissa J. Age 11
Eagleton Elementary

15. I Wish            (no longer available for selection)

I wish I can open lives.
I wish I can open hearts.
I wish I can open Mother Earth.
I wish I can stop graffiti and spray paint of school territory.
I wish I can help more than what I can do right now.

By: Jacky R. Age 10
Newlon Elementary

16. A Hero

A hero is a person that saves people.
A hero is famous.
A hero is like Superman, but just a man.
A hero is a strong guy.
A hero is a person that is good and wears a hat,
so people would know he is a hero.

By: Tito O. Age 9
Eagleton Elementary

17. In My Community

In my community I
can smell,
I can smell
the trash in the dumpsters.
I can feel,
feel the grass in the park
or in my front yard.
I can taste,
taste the cool lemonade.
I can see,
see kids playing soccer.
I can hear,
hear the soccer team
cheering for their

By: Gisel A. Age 11
Eagleton Elementary

18. Today My Name Is

Today my name is champion
I feel proud I’m alive
I pretend I’m rocking out at a soccer game

Yesterday my name was loser
I heard I am not cool
I found out I just have to believe in myself

Tomorrow my name will be nice kid
I will forget about those dumb names
I will remember to believe in myself

By: Cristian C. Age 10
CMS Community School

19. ABCs

Air blowing through my hair
Bee buzzing in my ear
Cloudy skies
Dogs barking at me
Everybody playing on the playground
Flowers growing

By: Julio T. Age 10
CMS Community School

20. Hate!

My hate is like a ripe fruit from an orchard which is lost
I created my hate like a brand new heart
I have seen many people’s hate but there is none like mine
My hate is like a bomb that went off in my body like fireworks
My hate is like a cheetah that is racing for its prey
I create my hate like a beast on the loose

By: Juan A.  Age 11
Newlon Elementary

21. Pride

It is very important to have pride in yourself. It is important because when you say you can’t do it, you literally can’t. Then you start to say in your head, “I’m not good enough.” That’s how I feel sometimes, alone and hurt.

By: Nadia R. Age 9
Eagleton Elementary

22. Untitled

Lean on me when you’re afraid
And I’ll be your favorite blanket.

Lean on me when you have scored
And I will be your trophy.

Lean on my when your in danger
And I will be your super hero.

Lean on me when you are weak
And I will be your power boost.

By: Unknown
Cowell Elementary

23. Reading      (no longer available for selection)

Reading is my favorite
subject at school

To me reading
is magical fairy dust

Every time I go to the library
I feel like I’m in a jungle
Just filled with books to read

I enjoy books because they
make me feel like I was in their time
sometimes they make me laugh
until I am
rolling on the floor

Reading to me
is my medicine for
my tough sickness

By: Jaquelin H.  Age 10
Eagleton Elementary

24. Yellow        (no longer available for selection)

Smells like yummy apples
looks like the sun
feels like sand
tastes like a sour lemon

If yellow was an animal it
would be a cheetah

If yellow was a season it
would be summer

By: Rafael A.  Age 9
Gust Elementary

25. Hyper          (no longer available for selection)

Hyper has a color of orange
Neon and bright
It tastes like sugar
Soda and chocolate eaten

A thousand hands tickling
Me from pits to tummy
It looks like frogs jumping
Giggles and laughing is what
I hear when somebody gets

By: Daniela V. Age 10
Eagleton Elementary

26. A Recipe of Me        (no longer available for selection)

25 thousand tsp of love
A pinch of uncooked anger
A piece of chopped craziness
A million bazillion cups of happiness
Sprinkled with a lot of patience
Put me in the oven and you get a pink cake!

By: Lizbeth G. Age 9
Knapp Elementary

27. What If?

What if the whole entire world was made of candy?
I would eat candy every day.
I would love to have a candy world to live in.
Everything was made of candy except people.
After a while I would want something better to eat and would hate candy world.
I would never want to see candy again in my life.

By: Deandrea L. Age 9
Knapp Elementary

28. Untitled

My happiness is like a rainbow.
It is as sunshine was rising
and as the world was a big lollipop
and it reminds me of the time when
I could not stop eating candy.
It makes me feel jumpy.
I want to run everywhere.

By: Ruvi C. Age 9
Newlon Elementary

29. Joyful

It smells like cereal
If joyful was a weather it would be hot summer
It looks like a waterfall roaring down
If joyful was a color it would be sunny funny yellow
It tastes like jiggly gelatin
If joyful was a food it would be almonds
It feels like soft pillows
If joyful was a sport it would be soccer

By: Marlon V. Age 11
Gust Elementary

30. Mi Sentimiento         (no longer available for selection)

Mi tristeza es como que niños pierdan sus padres.
Es triste y terrible
Y me hace recordar del tiempo cuando mi papa se fue a México.
Me hace sentir como llorar todo el día.
Yo quiero tirarme en el piso.

My Feeling
My sadness is like kids losing their parents.
It is sad and terrible
and it reminds me of the time when my dad went to Mexico.
It makes me feel like crying all day.
I want to drop myself on the floor.

By: Nayeli M. Age 10
Barnum Elementary

31. My Face

When I love someone my face turns purple
When I am mad my face gets red
When I am sad my face gets white
When I am frightened my face gets black
When I am hot my face gets on fire
When I am cold my face becomes ice
When I am calm my face gets blue
When I am nice my face gets pink
When I am mean my face gets gold
When I smell roses my face gets silver

By: Lesly A. Age 10
Newlon Elementary

32. My Favorite Holiday is Christmas

All my family here and there,
All my family everywhere
A bunch of foods to try
I’ve always wondered why
Presents under the tree,
while my grandma is drinking tea
All my cousins playing tag
I wonder what’s in that special bag
Time for family and fun
Christmas is the best one.

By: Amoriah V. Age 10
Brown International Academy

33. Blue              (no longer available for selection)

The color is blue
It is the color I love
It reminds me of the beautiful sea
It is the color I love
It is the color I need
It calms me down
It is my favorite

By: Valentina T. Age 9
Brown International Academy

34. Happiness

My happiness is like a sweet cookie
It is crunchy like a rock
It’s shaped like a rat
And it reminds me of the time when my mom and I made crunchy cookies
It makes me feel like a dinosaur
I want to eat a lot

By: Alex B. Age 8
Newlon Elementary

35. My Name Is…

Today my name is lightning
I feel shocking
I pretend I’m exploding

Yesterday my name was tiger
I heard roars
I found prey

Tomorrow my name will be volcano
I will forget the coldness
I will remember the hot lava

By: Isaac E. Age 8
Gust Elementary

36. A Recipe for Me

10 measurement cups of sweetness
5 tablespoons of wildness
20 big measuring cups of cool
16 cups of risky
60 pounds of smartness
That makes Nancy!

By: Nancy R. Age 9
Knapp Elementary

37. What If?

What if we had robots and they would do our homework?
They would never ever, ever, ever run out of batteries.
I would think that having a robot that would do our homework
from the house and from the school would be fast
but I would not learn anything.
Oh well, whatever.

By: Melissa O. Age 9
Knapp Elementary

38. Today my Name is…

Today my name is tired
I feel exhausted
I pretend to sleep

Yesterday my name was learner
I hear a lot of new words
I found a new experience

Tomorrow my name will be success
I will remember my homework
I will forget nothing

By: Celeste D. Age 10
Brown International Academy

39. Monsters

Monsters say “Boo!”
I say “hoo!”
I don’t like monsters who say “Boo!”

Riding on a broom
Also in a room

Monsters go wild
Please give me a smile

Monsters popping their eyes
I see flies

Please tell me there are no monsters
Monsters do you have some answers

Do you like monsters?

By: Ashley S. Age 10
Newlon Elementary

40. Untitled        (no longer available for selection)

My blues are like thunder and lightning
I’ve been shot and I’m shaking, rumbling
and it reminds me of the dark time
like the black road of my life
It makes me feel mad like an eagle
and blue like jazz music
I want to scream and
punch something hard
Like a boxer

By: Jackeline R. Age 11
Newlon Elementary

41. I Am Not Scared of Anything (an acrostic)

I am not scared of anything

A monster is just
Make believe

Not even a witch
Or a goblin
They never make me scream

Scary things give people the
Chills but not me
A monster
Runs away from me
Everything is not scary
Do you scare things like me?

Owls hooting at night and witches
Flying in the sky

And people running for their lives
Nope but not me
You might be but
Trust me everything is scared of me
Houses waking all over the place
It is kind of creepy but
Nope still not much for me
Going to stay out here and enjoy the evening

By: Diana R. Age 11
Barnum Elementary

42. My Self

My hair is spiky as a porcupine
My ears are as pointy as an elf’s
My body is as strong as a wrestler
I am tall like a giant
My arms are as strong as a big gorilla
My neck is as long as a giraffe’s
My eyes are as small as Pluto

By: Christopher C. Age 9
Newlon Elementary

43. Yum

Kids like me with cheese or meat
they bake me
in the oven
they cut me
into slices
they order me from restaurants
Can you guess what I am?

By: Jayson P. Age 10
Gust Elementary

44. Today

Today is reading.
Today is mathematics.
Today is chicken soup.

By: Kevin R. Age 8
Eagleton Elementary

45. Onomatopoeia 

Afr, afr! The seal mumbled.
Chomp! I eat an apple.
Oink! The pig screeched.
Waaaaa! Says the baby boy.
Sizzle! I poured out the soda.
Pop! Popcorn is being made.
Hiss! The cat is angry.
Burp! I was drinking root beer.
Zip! The boy put on his jacket.
Thud! The heavy weight hit the floor.

By: Aaron T. Age 11
Eagleton Elementary

46. Inside of Me

Inside of me I hear music
beating in my heart
I dance with
The rhythm of the song.
I join to sing along.
I feel my heart beating
like the speaker.
I feel glad about hearing
my favorite music.

By: Vanessa S. Age 8
Cowell Elementary

47. Sunset        (no longer available for selection)

The sunset
is day
like the
blooming stars
in the sky.

It is as big
as the entire

It is
yellow like a

It will make
you put a huge
grin on your

But whenever
light touches
the world is

By: Laura M. Age 9
Eagleton Elementary

48. My Happiness

My happiness is like sweet juicy fruit.
My happiness is like riding a horse.
My happiness is like going to Mexico.
My happiness is like riding on a roller coaster.
My happiness is like a fast Bugatti.
My happiness is like eating a banana split.

By: Bryce C. Age 11
Newlon Elementary

49. Chinese Food    

Swirly, whirly lo mein,

crunchy, munchy orange chicken,

delicious, delightful, pink shrimp,

moist, brownish fried rice.

All of the yummy, munchy food
in my belly. Yum!

By: Yoselin P. Age 11
Brown International Academy

50. Madness

My madness is like a bomb!
It just went off inside an elephant.
It happened when I saw a monster
and the monster screamed like an eagle.
It reminds me when I saw a horror movie.
It made me scream!
It made me feel so scared like a mouse.
I want to be fast like a cheetah so I could run away.

By: Christopher C. Age 9
Newlon Elementary

51. Sunrise Day        (no longer available for selection)

Sunrise comes up
In the morning
The first thing you see
Orange yellow.

I drag out my chair
And watch it rise
Of joy run down my

I get up
Real quick
For a tissue
It is

By: Alondra R. Age 9
Eagleton Elementary

52. The Magical Beach

In the
You could see
The shiny, bright sky
And your reflection

The sand feels
Like the desert ground
And crabs pinching your
Stinky, smelly feet

The waves
Are so big
That when
They come
It looks like they’re going
To swish you all up

Are so bright and shiny
And look like pearls
And they burn your
Small eyes

By: Ilse P. Age 9 & Allison P. Age 9
Eagleton Elementary

53. Today is Misery

Today my name is misery
I felt the loneliness go through my veins
I saw my hollow heart beat
slower and slower
I touched my body looking for a hole
I could smell the burning of my happiness through the mist of my sadness
I decided that this is how the rest of my life will be
Tomorrow I will still pull around my misery
until happiness will come into my life.

Konnor M. Age 10
Brown International Academy

54. Sorrow

Sorrow, the black winged angel
which soars through the everlasting night

it feels of misfortune
and reeks of distress

It sounds of agony and discomfort
he tastes of sadness and loss

I have sensed this thing
in so many places
But I have never actually seen it using sight

This has killed so many people
but most live only with a scar
one that can never be treated

randomness is at its side
striking aimlessly at minds
the cost being terrible and heartbreaking

I have been its victim many times
but never thought it played such an important role in life

Spencer M. Age 10
Brown International Academy

55. The Beautiful Game

I love you more than my soccer cleats
the ones I’ll never give up.
I love you more than the perfect field I use to warm up.
I love you more than the soccer ball
the one that’s perfect for amazing passes.
I love you more than me running along those different types of grasses.
I love you more than the cheering crowds
the stands made out of plaster
I love you more than that kick I have yet to master.
I love you more than my soccer uniform
the one that holds all reason
I love you more than my coach, my soccer team, my season.
I love you more than winning the World Cup
that we have yet to reclaim.
I can’t believe I love you more than the beautiful game.

Regina A. Age 11
Barnum Elementary

56. Demon Cats      (no longer available for selection)

Murkiness fogs the room as I’m surrounded by cats.
They grow hidden, immoral wings, and they start to scat.
Their ruffling wings bloom out bulky and bold.
They scratch, they hiss, they start to dance.
They spin and swirl out colors, a line of black, a smudge of blue,
and a splash of red fills the room.
The demon cats hug a breath and inhale the cold.
Soon the sun begins to rise.
Do you believe I saw that?
Believing what you feel, letting your imagination blow.
I promise you, if you did, your personality will start to grow.

Aaron T. Age 11
Eagleton Elementary


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