The newest artist to join our project, Diana Salazar, has chosen to create a watercolor piece inspired by the poem “Tree” by Sabrina O.

Taken from her website, here is a little background on Diana:

“As a Denver, Colorado native, I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. From the time I wrote my name underneath my parent’s pool table over and over, to illustrating my picture book for religion class as a 4th grader, to winning awards in high school, through my Bachelor of Fine Arts education at the University of Colorado at Denver, and through my adult life, being creative has always been my PASSION.  I can’t imagine a life without being able to express myself in this way. 

For me, a piece begins by painting with a singular color, and complementing that with another color and several more, concentrating on both the negative and positive space at the same time.  Usually I begin with no main image in mind.  I tune in to a stream of consciousness and let the images come out of the paint, pastel, ink or whatever medium I am using.  I liken this technique to that of artists, writers, and even sports players who say they’re in the “zone.”  If you’ve been there, then you know this feeling.  It comes from deep within yourself, and allows you to create from another plane of consciousness.   

The result, an expression of a highly concentrated colorful piece that incorporates the human form and figure.”

To view some of her beautiful pieces, please visit